Philosophy of CHALLENGE Family


The CHALLENGEFAMILY is the fastest growing global long-distance triathlon series, featuring spectacular courses in iconic destinations such as Hong Kong. Challenge Family aims on creating a memorable spectator experience that captures all the excitement and emotion of this inspirational sport.

The CHALLENGEFAMILY was originated from Roth, Germany and is currently one of the world largest triathlon operators and now with 41 long distance triathlons in 21 countries and it is changing the face of long distance racing around the world.

For CHALLENGEFAMILY, “Family” is more than just a word……

The CHALLENGEFAMILY event is not just an event for triathlon but a great event for athletes, volunteers, sponsors, supporters, spectators, cities, and everyone who contribute to the event. To make this event successful, we rely not only the athletes but also everyone around to make the events satisfied and memorable.

As the first and only one international triathlon event in Hong Kong, CHALLENGEHONGKONG has the following categories for participants:

  1. Olympic Distance Triathlon (Professional and Individual)
  2. Olympic Distance Triathlon (Relay)
  3. Sprint Distance Triathlon (Individual)
  4. Sprint Distance Triathlon (Relay)
  5. CHALLENGE Women’s Run
  6. CHALLENGE Junior Aquathlon

If you would like to challenge yourself, those individual categories will be your best choice. For the participants of Olympic Distance Triathlon (Individual), you will also have a chance to race with professional athletes from domestic and overseas as well as enjoy a post-race award presentation banquet at Tai Mei Tuk.

The relay categories provide the best opportunity to build up brotherhood, sisterhood and team spirit among buddies, colleagues and partners for schools, businesses and organisations. Together in a team, each member performs their best in swimming, cycling and running respectively and supporting each other to challenge the summit.

CHALLENGEWomen’s Run is a fun run in particular targeting to promote a more energetic and healthy lifestyle to our Hong Kong Ladies. Women in sports are the most attractive and confident, looking for self-worth and spiritual growth. CHALLENGEWOMEN is not a road race, but the most exciting “Women Party” of the year! In your life, no matter your identity is a mother, a student, a housewife, or an office worker, you will be able to show yourself and release your beauty in this great party! These happy and crazy factors will not only ignite during the event, but also extend into your life!

For our Hong Kong Gentlemen, no matter you will race CHALLENGEHONGKONG or not, please encourage your dearest mom, wife, sisters, daughters, girlfriends as well as ladies around you to challenge themselves by participating in this “Women Party”, and cheer them up during the event!

By launching this spectacular event in Hong Kong, we also wish to promote work-life balance, build-up sports culture among Hong Kong citizens and promote “Family “ philosophy in Hong Kong.

Together, we go the extra mile to make Hong Kong a “Family” through sports!!!